Bell Ringing

Could you ring bells?

In the corner of our church there is a small door – where does it go?  It is the entrance to the church tower where you climb a few steps up to the ringing chamber. 

Bell ringing is quintessentially English, and can be heard throughout the country.  It is an ancient art carried out in almost every village, town and city in the UK with over 4000 churches in the country with bells that can be rung. 

The bells in St James Church are hung in a system that was developed over 400 years ago.  Each bell is suspended in a special frame which allows it to pivot and rotate; on the bells side is a large wooden wheel, wrapped around this is a rope.  The bell is controlled by this rope which drops into the ringing chamber where the ringer stands.  Every time the rope is pulled the clapper in the centre of the bell swings and strikes the bell making that recognisable sound.  Although the bells are heavy, when a good technique is used they swing easily.

Bell ringing beats crosswords as it is a non – strenuous physical exercise and as you progress it can provide some mental challenges as the more difficult routines are learnt.

Bell ringers come from all walks of life, every size, strength, or ability. Some go to church, others do not – that’s up to you!   Anyone from the age of around 12 can become a bell ringer at St James’ Church.  Musical skill or extreme strength is not important, it’s all about technique and we can teach you that.  Ringing is a skill learned for life that you’ll never forget.

If you would like to do something different then come and try bell ringing – you will be assured a great welcome from the ringers at St James Church.

So if you are interested and would like to see a ringing session then please contact Debbie Ellis 01480214421

The bell ringers are available to ring for Weddings, Baptisms and Thanksgiving services.  Our fees are detailed on the individual event pages and range from £40.00 to £120.00 depending on the service and location.  It would be our pleasure to be a part of your celebrations.

For more information contact the tower master Debbie Ellis on 01480 214421 or email

Bell Ringing Rota

June 2017