Our Team

Our church relies on our dedicated team of volunteers. Get to know some of them here. To find out more about how you can contribute to our church family please get in touch via the contact form.

Our Vicar: Annette Reed

Revd Canon Annette Reed

is our Vicar

Barbara Evans

Licensed Lay Minister (LLM)

Mel Eyeons

Licensed Lay Minister (LLM)

Nick Gellatly

Authorised Lay Minister (ALM)

Helen Young

Church Warden

    Nicci Jones

    Church Warden

    Lesley Werb

    Benefice Safeguarding Coordinator

    Ken Heley - Deputy Warden

    Capt. Leslie Tennant - Church Army Evangelist (Retired) and Deputy Warden

    Nicci Jones - Benefice Administrator and Quartet Editor

    Alison Rogers - Communications Team Coordinator 

    Debbie Ellis - Tower Captain

    The Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of Little Paxton (PCC)

    • Sue Brierley- PCC Secretary
    • Kate Gathard - PCC Treasurer
    • Martin Ede - PCC member
    • June Griffin - PCC member
    • Anita Bailey - PCC member & Deanery Synod Representative
    • Alf Gower - PCC member
    • Justyna Shirley - PCC member
    • Anne Hooton - PCC member & Deanery Synod Representative

    Terms explained

    What is an Authorised Lay Minister?

    Authorised Lay Ministers (ALMs) share in the public ministry of the local church, as they serve their local parishes. ALM ministry takes many different forms depending upon the parish base, but in general ALMs lead or establish a team of people working in an area of ministry and they also work to encourage and develop the gifts of others. Find out more about Authorised Lay Ministry here. [http://www.elydiocese.org/ministry/lay-ministry-and-training/authorised-...

    What is a Licensed Lay Minister?

    Readers are Licensed Lay Ministers in the Church of England. They are licensed to preach and teach in their parishes, to lead Morning and Evening Prayer, to assist at communion, but not preside, and to take funerals. Many of our LLMs also provide pastoral help and support in their parishes. Find out more about Licensed Lay Ministers here. [http://www.elydiocese.org/ministry/lay-ministry-and-training/licensed-la...

    What is a Deanery Synod?

    A deanery synod consists of all clergy licensed to a benefice within the deanery, plus elected lay members. It acts as an intermediary between the parochial church councils of each parish in its deanery and the synod of the diocese as a whole.

    What is the PCC?

    The PCC is made up of a team of members of clergy and lay members of the church. Together they are responsible for the overall wellbeing, practical as well as spiritual, of the church, the church members, and the church buildings. The PCC also has a duty to promote the mission of the church within the wider community.

    The Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of Little Paxton is a registered charity (1144292). For more information about the PCC please contact our vicar, The Revd. Canon Annette Reed.